YOZY is a dj and producer from Uruguay based in Barcelona, her sets are as eclectic and energetic as her productions, not focused on one particular genre she goes all the way from latin slow rhythms to speed techno and trance.

YOZY has released several tracks on VA’s b HD World, Clan destine records, Low income squad, Last love records, Human razzmatazz, also a solo EP ‘Heartcore’ on High Digital, and a collab EP with Thissperso on Fill-Lex Records. She has also remixed two tracks in the past years, one for the french label Sample Delivery ‘Gecin - 40’ and one for the french duo Baraka ‘Baraka - Half faces’. In 2022 she self released 2 albums ‘Ethereal World’ and ‘Surrender’ with tracks that represent her dreamy mind into some ambient emotional landscapes. YOZY also hosts a monthly radio show at HKCR called ‘Messages from the stars’ which has been recently transformed into an IRL ambient Showcase.

She has been playing for the past year as a resident in Human Club Razzmatazz (BCN) club where she runs her own party CALIENTE. In 2023 YOZY self released her last album ‘HOT BIMBO MUSIC’ 6 clubby tracks with some emo touch. She has also played for parties and festivals like Boiler Room x Primavera Sound, Teletech, Raiders, Suicide Club, Voight-Kampff, Latineo, Boundless Collective, Odonien Records and many more, all around Europe. Since 2019 YOZY has played in clubs such as Razzmatazz, Nitsa, Industrial Copera, Dabadaba, Nitsa, Music Box, Le Zoo among many others.