Interested in manipulating language and conventional spaces, the artist, poet and DJ Perla Zúñiga (aka JOVENDELAPERLA) uses sound as a media to build fleeting realities where doubt and desire can dwell.

Perla co-founded the collective CULPA (2019) where she found shelter and felt encouraged by the necessity of creating a space that celebrates and reclaims trans and non-binary identities in the night scene.

Her sets, filled by hypnotic and unpredictable mixes, are stylistically versatiles. Sarcastic and intuitive compositions, packed with textures and abrasive moments, that induce the spectator in an emotional rollercoaster, which has landed her to become a resident in the well-known queer party MARICAS. The sonorous character of her writing has taken her to work with different producers such as Lechuga Zafiro and Tomas Urquieta and creating her live show El Hechizo del Viejecito, a recital-concert that explore spaces of extasis and make us reflect through the union of poetry and electronic music.

She has participated in institutional programs, clubs, radios and festivals such as: Primavera Sound x Boiler Room (Barcelona), Boiler Room Festival, OHM (Berlín), Gasworks (Londres), Arena Spa (Oporto), Rinse (París), NTS (Londres), Refugee Worldwide (Berlin), among many others.