A collage of life itself, SIMONA is an Argentinian singer, songwriter and performer based in Barcelona. Her first single "BALI" made her gain a position in the up and coming emerging music scene, but what has made her establish a name for herself, has been that release after release, each single, has been a new music genre to explore, to deconstruct, and to play with.

Her first EP "Mimo" showcases a young SIMONA, a 5 track compilation of her past years in Barcelona. In February 2022 she was selected as the global face of EQUAL, a program by Spotify that highlights female talent. In May 2023 she will be releasing her first album "Esfera de Amor", which portrays her new path as an artist, inspired by clubbing, her friends and her feelings. Her unique style has made her tour all over Spain, Argentina and México, playing in festivals such as Sónar, Festival B, BBK Live, Observatorio, Bahidora and Lollapalooza and collaborate with artists such as Lee Eye, Chico Blanco, Irene Garry, Broke Carrey, Anyi, Awwz, Six Sex and Amore.